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Barry & Michelle Barnes
Riverview Marina
Custom Weld Boats

Mike & Carolyn Boone
JK & G Construction

Amy Becken
Kitsap Audiology

J Bar L Ranch
Jim and Luana Wriglesworth

King Feed

Juniper Capital, Kurt Ursich

Jeff Sleeman

Kenny & Kay Lyn Pugh, Bill Benson Scholarship

Linda Freed
Seeds and Bar
Calico Cupboard & Bakery
Re-Feather Your Nest

Coyote Rock Ranch

Kiperts Trailer Sales
Roxy Kinnamon
Marcus Mays



Mike Watkins
Equine Therapist

Anjon Biologics

Bonina Nutritional Products

Platinum Performance CJ

Northwest Supplements

Pendleton Whiskey

Straight Arrow

TLC Tack 

Tack Room Too 

Finish Line Horse Products 


Science Pure Nutraceuticals, Inc. 

VF Jeanswear 

  Welcome to the Washington Cutting Horse Association!

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The point system will be used to determine winners of Year End Awards.

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Hitchiker Productions
Aaron Aegerter owner



Marcus Mays of Flying M Livestock has been supplying the WCHA with cattle for the last few years. Marcus is the son of Don and Paula Mays. Don has been in the cattle business for about fifty years. The Mays family owns and runs Flying M Livestock LLC. Their home base is Ellensburg. Paula works in the office and on the ranch while Don does the buying and marketing. Son, Miles, is the bookkeeper. Marcus handles the day-to-day cattle activities. It is interesting to learn about the different branches of the business. You hear that with many businesses diversification is a key to success. Flying M Livestock is an example of that being actually three cattle businesses.

One branch is their grass fed cattle. They own about 550 Black Angus mother cows, which they breed to registered Angus bulls. The resulting steers will be grass fed and sold to that specific market. Some of the raised heifers will be sold as grass fats, but the majority will be kept as replacement heifers or sold as bred heifers.

The second branch is their stocker cattle. They purchase about 5000 calves. Spring calves will be pastured on grass from Coos Bay, OR to Oroville, WA near the Canadian border. Marcus must keep track of thousands of cattle covering hundreds of miles. The fall calves will be fed through the winter before they are sold. Flying M likes to sell at the 850 – 900 pound weight. Agri-Beef buys 99 percent of their cattle.

Lastly the third branch of their Flying M Livestock operation is being a receiving station for Hawaiian cattle arriving in the spring and summer.

In today’s market diversification can only be a plus in the ups and downs of the cattle business. Thank you Marcus Mays of Flying M livestock for your sponsorship and including WCHA as perhaps your fourth business branch, supplying cattle to cutters.


2013 WCHA Horse of the Year -$1000
Dooney Boonsmal had an amazing 2013 year winning over $ 42,000 while being ridden by Josh Sleeman and owner, Sarah Sherman. The pretty roan mare is by Peptoboonsmal out of Darling Nurse, by Dual Rey. Judd and Sarah purchased “Dooney” when she was a day old. The 2013 season started with a bang when Dooney and Josh marked a 155 at the Spring Idaho LAE. They went on to win a Championship and were a multiple Finalist. Dooney and Sarah were Reserve Champion all three days. At the Western Nationals Dooney was a Finalist in the 3000 Novice class. The Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association was a show Sarah will long remember. They were the 5/6 Non Pro 10,000 , 100,000 and 200,000 Champion. Plus, they were a Finalist in the Non Pro 5/6. Of course, there were also many weekend show successes for Dooney. The year ended with Dooney winning the 5/6 Open at WCHA and the 5/6 Open Reserve Championship at Calgary.

Reyguns Merada is the 2013 WCHA Novice Horse. -$500
Barry Barnes purchased him under the guidance of Kenny Pugh Jr. as a three year old. “Willy” proved to meet their expectations. Shown by Kenny in the Open and Michelle in the Non Pro novice classes he always gave 100%. Michelle says that above all he has a kind and gentle soul that just wants to please. Reyguns Merada, now seven, was sold and he is a Canadian.

Non Pro - Sarah Sherman -$500
Sarah Sherman is the 2014 WCHA Non Pro Division Champion. She has always had a love for horses. As a child she was in 4-H. She decided that horses were going to always be a part of her life. Dental School and two children delayed her horse dreams, but if you have ever been around Sarah you can tell that she is a very high energy, goal oriented person. Before being involved in cutting she enjoyed success in snaffle bit futurities and was a NRCHA Amateur Futurity Champion.

She and husband Judd purchased some well bred cow horses. When some showed more aptitude in cutting they switched disciplines and started working with trainer Josh Sleeman. Sarah still plans to ride snaffle bit horses when the right horse comes along.

Sarah showed three horses in 2013, Dooney Boonsmal, Handling Kitty and Dual Reys MS Bobbi. She works hard juggling being a mother, working in their business, Todays Dental, and riding her horses. Congratulations Sarah and good luck in future goals. We know you have some young horses coming up, so the dream continues.


WCHA 2013 Amateur Award Alexa Dahl - $500
Alexa has been showing cutting horses competitively for about 6 years. In 2012 she stepped up to the 15,000 Amateur. As the summer rolled around, she found herself very close to the top fifteen in the world. With the help of Kenny and Kay Lynn Pugh, she traveled to shows much farther from home and as far as Arizona resulting with her being in the Top 15. She went on to compete in the World Finals at Ft. Worth. She won all three goes and ended up the 15,000 AM World Show Champion and the 2012 Reserve World Champion. Alexa would like to give a huge thank you to Dan and Karen Hansen (KP Bar Ranch), Ron Crouch, Kenny Pugh and Josh Sleeman for their help at the show!

Alexa’s greatest mentors and inspiration come from Dan and Karen Hansen. They have helped her set goals for herself and achieve them. She spends every minute she can learning from them, not just cutting, but also running her P3 Equine Therapy business. Both Alexa’s horses, Rita Wood and Woody Jazz, come from the KD Bar Ranch.

Some of Alexa’s recent accomplishments include:
2013 NCHA Area 1 50,000 Amateur Champion
2013 WCHA Amateur of the Year, 50 AM Champion, SR. Youth Champion
2012 NCHA 15 AM World Show Champion, 15 AM Reserve World Champion
2012 Western Nationals: 50 AM Co-Champion, 15 AM Finalist, Sr. Youth Finalist,
5000 Novice Horse NP Finalist

Alexa is currently finishing high school on line and plans to graduate in June 2014. She would like to thank everyone who helps her at all the shows and appreciates their hard work and dedication to the sport she loves so much.

Ron Davis, Senior Class Ride Off Champion and winner of $500!
Ron Davis and RD Bud Light are a team to be reckoned with. They are no stranger to Awards. They were 2007 NCHA World Champion $3000 Novice /Non Pro. Of course, they have also won many affiliate Year End titles and NCHA Area titles. Congratulations Ron!

Senior Class Saddle Winner
Susan Walker riding Tomahawk Taz won the beautiful saddle built by WCHA member Chuck Black. This was the second saddle Chuck has donated to WCHA for the Senior Class. It is awarded to the high money winner for the year. Susan would like to thank Chuck and “Tommy’s” trainer, Josh Sleeman, plus the wonderful turnback helpers who so willingly help us all.

2014 Senior Class
WCHA is offering the Senior Class in 2014.
The Ride Off for $500 will be held during the Finals show in September. To be eligible to compete in the Ride Off you must have ridden 50 % + 1 the number of times the class is offered.

Chuck Black is generously donating another handcrafted saddle for the 2014 high money winner in this class.

WCHA thanks you, Chuck!

2014 WCHA Board Members:

Becky Sleeman 

Carol Kneeshaw 

Show Manager
Jeff Sleeman

Josh Sleeman
Kimberly Gustafson
Linda Freed
Michelle Barnes
Mike Boone
Randy Mestdagh
Robert Tower
Tim Johnson

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  • April 11, 12 & 13 Weekend Show
  • May 15 & 16 Spring LAE
  • May 17 & 18 Weekend Show
  • May 30 - June 1 NCHA Days
  • June 14 & 15 Weekend Show
  • July 11, 12, & 13
  • September 26 & 27
    Weekend Show
    LAE Futurity, Derby & 5/6

Please see show information for complete details as they become available.

The point system will be used to determine winners of Year End Awards.

Gold Sponsors
Don & Pat Noble of Noble Panels & Gates

Don and Pat Noble are WCHA 2013 Gold Sponsors. I finally tracked them down at the fall Idaho Futurity where they were a vender. They are very busy people between the business and an occasional fishing or hunting trip.

They took two trips with friends and WCHA members Jim and Luana Wriglesworth. One trip took them to Africa where they hunted. Don had hunted there before and determined it was a good place to take Pat. While Jim and Luana took photos, Pat wanted in the action. She shot a 2000 pound Eland, which is the largest of the antelope family. For you hunters she used a 7mm gun. Another trip they took together was an Alaska fishing trip. Some great kings were caught and all had lots of fun. This fall you will find Pat in Wyoming. Pat will hunt for elk and Don will be the photographer. Pat explained to me that whenever they hire an outfitter, Don is adamant about checking out the experience of the horses that they will be riding. Some of the terrain is steep and rough.
The Nobles have been around livestock all their lives. When Don was a teenager he took hunters into the Sierra Nevada. He had mule strings as large as thirty-five mules. Their livestock knowledge, insistence on quality and safety is the cornerstone of Noble Panels. It all started about 1980 when they needed some holding areas for their horses. Don could weld so he made some panels. People liked what he was building and in a few weeks he had hired five people and started producing for others. I learned that what separates their panels, gates, and fencing from their competitors is that when they have the steel milled they insist on more carbon in the metal. This makes it stronger. Also they can custom build for your needs. You can find examples of this custom work at the Gorge Amphitheater where they built small “beer stalls,” or the large renovation of the stock holding pens for the Pendleton Round Up. Recently they worked with Chubby Turner to build a Texas facility for the J5 Ranch in Weatherford. Chubby was very specific about certain things like having all the metal colored green.
The manufacturing facility is on the Noble resident property and is managed by their son, Chris. They employ about thirty employees. Materials are milled in other states and sent to them in 24foot lengths. All materials are USA made with the exception of a nut and bolt they haven’t been able to find in the USA.
I enjoyed my chat with Don and Pat and learned so much about their adventures and the beginnings of Noble Panels. If you have the opportunity to talk with Pat ask her if she shot that trophy elk this fall. I hope we can get some pictures on the WCHA Website.

King Feed
Brent and Tina Mathews

Brent and Tina Mathews, owners of King Feed, have been great supporters of WCHA for many years. Both Brent and Tina grew up in Puyallup, WA. Brent worked many years in road construction. Tina managed King Feed in Graham for ten years before they purchased it a few years ago. Brent left the construction business to help run King Feed. Brent manages what he calls the backside of the business, in charge of the farm equipment and the bookkeeping. Tina is the store manager handling customer service, feed, the gift shop, tack and pet supplies.
They have been married for fourteen years. I asked how they met. I think you can credit their mutual love of horses for getting them together. Tina was boarding a horse at a stable where Brent was hired to take out trail riders. He caught Tina’s eye and she expressed to friends, “He rides a horse very well.” Tina continues to trail ride with girl friends and do an occasional team sorting. Brent enjoys working with friends, Jeff Sleeman and Mike Boone, gathering and doctoring cattle. Brent says this experience is not only fun but he has learned a lot about cattle care and feeding for a gain. This knowledge has proved valuable at King Feed as Brent has been able to advise customers who are looking for the optimum health and gain on their stock.
What’s in the future for Brent and Tina? King Feed has been growing and experiencing success. Eventually they would like to be in a position to be able to get away more to take trips. Brent likes hunting and of course, cutting. Tina loves vacations to sunny places, sandy beaches and blue water. Brent would like to eventually get back in the cutting pen with a younger horse, maybe a four year old. Let’s hope that as King Feed continues to prosper we will see more of Brent and Tina at the shows.
Thank you to Gold Sponsors, King Feed, and Brent and Tina Mathews.


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