WCHA General Membership Meeting

November 14, 2015
Keith McGinnis calls meeting to order;
Keith reports tentative show schedule.
Keith reports that Board has approved WCHA’s participation in the 2016 Regional Series.
Keith reports that Board has approved, that beginning in 2016, standings will be calculated based on participant’s earnings rather than the current points based system.
Keith announces that Nancy Wagner will be stepping down as club secretary and makes a request for volunteers. No response from membership.
Mary Waller suggests that banquet be held following the final show.
Kim Burck voices complaints about the way in which the saddles were used in a drawing rather than given as an award to the winner of two specific classes.
Brent explains that this was a decision by the Board based on the saddle donors, Board and membership’s hope to increase participation at WCHA events.
Meeting adjourned.

The annual General Meeting of Washington Cutting Horse Association was called to order at 2:15 pm on January 14, 2012 at Grant County Fairgrounds.

The minutes were dismissed and the financial report was given by Brad.

Barry Barnes stood and told the association that he would like to add $500 to the Horse of the Year award that the board decided to give. This will be on top of what the club is giving so the Horse of the Year will get $1000 and award such as a leather jacket.
Brad told the membership at this time about deciding to not have saddles this year and instead to give $500 and a leather jacket to the most money won by a Non Pro, Novice Horse and most points for the Amateur. A $1000 and leather jacket will go to the Horse of the Year.

Brad discussed with the membership his $500 versus $400 spreadsheet on adding money and what the board thought would be best. Because of the Top 15 in the World getting to show at the 2012 Futurity, it was thought that we should draw more entries from out of our area with the added money we are adding.

Brad discussed with the membership about how our dates are conflicting with the fairgrounds and how we are going to have to have our final show the weekend before instead of after our LAE.

We discussed the entry and stall reservation will be changed to make it easier for everyone.

Brad and Cindy are giving a new award to the Most Improved Rider and it will be voted on by the turn back help. “Thank you” Brad and Cindy!!

Brad Smith will be President as there are no more nominations and Kay Lynn Pugh will be the Vice President.
For the two board positions the following names were nominated:
Vicky Poole
Cindy Smith
Dan McNeil
Brent Mulligan
Holly Jones
Mike Walker

After the vote, Holly and Dan will be the two new board members for a three year term.

It was announced that Chuck Black will give a home-made saddle to the Top Senior this year. “Thank you” so much Chuck!!

It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Becky Sleeman

Dinner will be served in 45 minutes.


January 7. 2011
Grant County Fairgrounds
Moses Lake, WA
2:30 pm
Annual General Membership Meeting

President Brad Smith brought the meeting to order at 2:30 pm. The board has just returned from looking at the new arena and pens. Very exciting for our new year.

This will be first General membership meeting for the new year of 2011. But it is also for the ending of the 2010-year.
Secretary read minutes from the last General membership meeting, Becky Sleeman. They were approved as read.
Treasurer, Brent Mathews gave a financial report. We are ending the year with $25,727. This is quite a difference from last year when we ended 2009 with $11,042. We also have bought our Noble back fence and other equipment for the club this year. We also gave our members over $14,000 in awards this year. To see each show, see attached financial sheets.
Financial report approved as read.

We will need to vote on President and VP for the year. Secretary and Treasurer are an appointed position by the President. Becky Selman will stay as Secretary and Brent Mathews will stay as Treasurer.

No one volunteered to run for President except Brad Smith. Brad will remain as President another year.
Vice President: Nominations are Sharon Tullis, Holly Jones and Danny Ziebell. After voting Holly Jones will be the Vice President for 2011.

We need 2 Board members. Nominations are: Jeff Selman, Michelle Havens and Randy Mesdaugh. After voting, Jeff Selman and Michelle Havens will serve a three-year Board term.

Old Business Verbiage:
*We are changing the verbiage from awards fee ($5) to approval fee($10) per class. We will not change the amount of office fee.
*Website: Sharon reported that the new website will be up and running next week.
*Aged Event: Jeff reported that we are a bargain LAE. Our prices are small and we have good added money. Our club will be adding $8500 more this coming year to our LAE.
*Finals: We are adding $100 per class in added money classes to try and get more participation in the Finals. Would like to see it bigger next year.
*Banquet: The board decided to have the banquet the same as last year. We will try and get more time for people to get dressed before it starts. The club is working on getting all the dinners for the members paid this year.
*Stalls: Our stalls will be $25 per night at the Fairgrounds. The weekend rate will be $50 for a 2 day show and $75 for a 3 day show. This is what members will pay this year again.
*Updating cattle charges: This past year the club was paying part of the cattle charge for the $15,000 Am and $35,000 NP. They were coming up short $5 per entry. We will change that this year so that the cattle cost is taken care of in the entry fees.
*Saddles: This has been a big discussion for our club for many years. How many saddles and to who do we give the saddles is the question each year. There was confusion this past year, as some people thought it went to the Open Horse. This was never the class we gave one, as that is the smallest class that we offer. This year we will post on the website the rules and post the points so everyone can keep track of them. We will give 4 saddles this year. Dr. Amy Becken has already donated a saddle. Thank You, Amy!! The saddles will go to the following and the classes that the points will count are:
 (1) Open Rider—Open class, $3,000 N., $10,000 N., $1500 N.,Open Derby
There was a discussion about not having the Derby points count. Jeff moved and Randy seconded to leave the Derby in the points for saddle. Motion passed
(2) Non Pro Non Added money classes: $35,000 NP, $15,000 Am., $2000 Limit, $1000 Am. Classes
(3) Novice Horse: all Novice and Novice/NP classes will count.
4) Non Pro Added money classes: NonPro, $5,000 NNP, $15,000 NNP, and NonPro Derby
*Awards: It was voted to have all awards and saddles you must attend 50% plus 1 show. This will be for the 2011 season.
*NCHA Days: Will be sponsored by OregonCHA this year. They are supposed to have 2 pens going to cut down on time.
*Class Changes: We are changing the 500 rider and $1000 Rider classes (for lack of participation) and replacing with new NCHA class $1000 Amateur and our new Senior class.

New Business
*CCC proposal- Jason Schaper talked to Brad about co-approving a show in May. CCC at that time did not have a date for their show. But now they have a date and they are having their meeting next weekend. We will wait to see what they decide they want to do, before we plan a show with them. The date would be our May show 20-22. Brad will get back with board after CCC has met.
*Senior Class: We had the introduction of a Senior class for next year. It will be open to any horse with any rider over 55. A buckle will be given to the winner of each class (1 a weekend- on Saturday) and these buckles will be given at the Finals. The buckle winners will ride at the LAE Finals with a Calcutta in the afternoon. We will add $500 to the ride off. We will have the last class on Friday morning with the Finals in the afternoon of Friday.
*NWCHA meeting: They met and they are now known as the Area one alliance. Scott Tullis reported on the meeting, but no one that attended the meeting seemed to know what they are up too. All they knew was that they want to put a webpage together for all the affiliate to share but they want us to pay for it.
*Jeff asked if we could get some business cards to hand out to everyone with our dates and officers on them. It would be something we could get out to businesses in Moses Lake. We would also like to give out to new cutters.
*We had a letter from members who wanted have a newsletter to be sent out because they didn’t have access to the website. The board decided that Cascade Horseman has offered us a space in their magazine to have three pages with our shows and results and new on. We will do this and the club will pay Cascade Horseman $6 for each paid member. That member will receive the Cascade Horseman in the mail each month. We will be upping our membership to $50 for Family and $40 for Single to help cover this cost. *National Director: Washington has 2 National Director positions open. The following members will be running for these positions. Jeff Sleeman, Jack Kitt , Deanna Leigh and Mike Walker. Please be sure and vote.
*Brad went over the committees for next year. They will be posted on the website. Anyone having any suggestions for a clinic this year, talk to Brad or Becky.

Brad thanked everyone for coming to the meeting. It was a good turnout for the middle of January. We are all looking forward to a great year.
Meeting adjourned at 4:00pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Becky Sleeman, Secretary
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